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Liquid Powered Battery Can Run for 10 Years

Batteries aren’t only a burden on your wallet, but they can cause some serious side-effects for the environment as well. Alternative methods are starting to pop-up, and this NoPoPo AA Battery is one of those. Powered by most any liquid, the NoPoPo Battery can last up to ten years on a single charge of simple H2O. In fact, if you ...

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Measuring Pours Eliminate Measuring Cups

I’m not sure how much progress has been made in the measuring cup industry since its inception, but something tells me the old cups are on their way out. These Measuring Pours attach right on to any bottle and measure out a precise amount of liquid to pour. The liquid is deposited into a reservoir which only holds as much ...

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Attn Vampires: Blood Bucket Lamp

Vampires need light too. I mean how else would they do their taxes? Read? Cook dinner? These are questions that our vampire community needs readily addressed. My friends, I give you the Liquid Lamp. It looks like a bucket of blood turned upside down, spilled all over your lovely new coffee table. At $200, it’s quite expensive but at least ...

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Gaming PC Suspended In Liquid

Now this is a serious case mod if I’ve ever seen one. It’s a 100-pound gaming rig from Hardcore Computer. The specs are supposed to be insane and that’s nothing new; it’s for gaming. This PC’s special trait is that it resides submerged in 4.5 gallons of cooling oil, which is custom designed specifically for PCs. It’s supposed to be ...

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4464 Glass Vials = Sunny Day

People must get really bored over in Stockholm. I mean, how else could artist Aleksandra Stratimirovic fill up 4464 small glass vials with different colored liquids? To do that would take at least a month, unless you had mechanical help. Well, somehow Alek pulled it off, arranged them and lit ’em up with a fluorescent light. The result? “Sunny Day.” ...

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