Lock Up Your Videos! Eclectic Method Is Coming!


Mashups. Two songs seamlessly flowing over one another. This is what video-mixup collective Eclectic Method does perfectly. After seeing them multiple times in New York City, I wondered to myself why in the hell I haven’t posted about these dudes yet. Let me break it down for you: RAW MIX POWER. That’s what these guys do. We’re talking music videos mixed into movies with breakbeats, house beats and party beats blasting from every direction. It’s almost too much to handle at times, but the ladies move their asses so everything must be working out.

Eclectic Method’s latest video is a masterpiece of editing. Dubbed “Lock Up Your Videos,” it’s available as donationware, similar to Radiohead’s “In Rainbows” business model. You pay what you think is right for the video, which is about an hour long and full of surprises. If you’re broke, watch it on Eclectic Method’s website for free. Trust me when I say you simply won’t be disappointed with the skills these guys have.

ALSO: If you live in NYC, be sure to stop by WTF NYC tonight, where Eclectic Method will be throwing down an insane 3-hour set of mixin’!


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