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Poppin’ Wood

Anyone still pumping out Kid Cudi tracks from a traditional speaker setup is really missing out. With this iPod dock that’s shaped like a log, you and your homeboys will be poppin’ wood all night. Dancing and prancing will never feel more right. And to boot, it’s actually made from a real, honest-to-god log. Killer beats. Tree killer beats, that ...

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Beat Blender Prototype

The Arduino continues to power innovation and creation well into 2009. This blender, created by Matti Niinimaki, is rigged to create beats. No smoothies here, folks, just pounding techno full of cheesy sound FX. The Beat Blender prototype reads fruit embedded with RFID tags that are dropped into it. Hitting different blending speeds (Puree, Liquify, Blend, Grind, etc.) will add ...

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Lock Up Your Videos! Eclectic Method Is Coming!

Mashups. Two songs seamlessly flowing over one another. This is what video-mixup collective Eclectic Method does perfectly. After seeing them multiple times in New York City, I wondered to myself why in the hell I haven’t posted about these dudes yet. Let me break it down for you: RAW MIX POWER. That’s what these guys do. We’re talking music videos ...

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DJ Spock Rocks The Enterprise

DJ Spock knows how to lay down the hot beats. As publicity stunt for the release of Star Trek Seasons 1, 2 & 3 on Amazon.com, CBS put this ad online that shows Spock, from Star Trek, hanging with Kirk on the Enterprise while mixing up some Vulcan rhythms that are so fly, your ears will turn pointy. Bust out ...

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Solar Powered Visor Radio Should Really Add Beer Bong Functionality

If you ever felt like wearing a visor that looks straight off of the head of that local old towny guy who sits in front of the corner barbershop everyday, but wanted some radio and eco-friendliness, the Solar Powered Visor Radio could be right up your alley. The visor has built-in power speakers on both sides of your head so ...

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