Limited Edition: X-Files iPods Discover Earth

Looks like FOX has gone custom iPod crazy as of late. First, there was a custom Simpsons iPod offering from the company. Now, you can believe that Gillian Anderson’s breasts are real (and watch videos!) with this X-Files themed iPod. Created for ultra-fanboys like myself who worshiped both Mulder and Scully, these new designs are available courtesy of FOX.

An 80GB version of the iPod Classic will set you back $329 and features an old-school shot of the logo with Mulder and Scully. There’s also a black $269 8GB iPod Nano with a silhouette of the two agents walking down a field. Like I said, anyone who remembers classics like “Humbug” and “Paper Hearts” will surely pick one up. At these prices, you’d better believe.

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