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Roadkill Rug

Just thinking about this rug makes me hungry. The Roadkill Rug demonstrates the “struggle between attraction and repulsion,” encouraging owners to cuddle up with the image of a mangled fox, or as I like to call it, the foretelling of a barbecue. There’s just no competing with my grilled fox entrails. Cooked in the traditional fashion, via exhaust fumes, of ...

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Hell Yeah! Futurama is Back!

Finally a confirmation! And even more than we expected! A 20th Century Fox rep has confirmed that Futurama will return for at least 26 more episodes. The show’s return is planned for early 2010. The show didn’t hit its massively popular peak until DVD sales skyrocketed and Comedy Central’s reruns brought in the ratings. While the money is surely the ...

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X-Men Origins: Wolverine Leaks Online

20th Century Fox is having a bad week. Like, a really bad week. Yesterday, a work print of the upcoming movie X-Men Origins: Wolverine leaked online and consequently, made its way around the world. A work print is a copy of the movie straight from the studio, but it may be missing effects, post-production audio, etc. And such was the ...

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Over 4 Minutes of Watchmen Footage Leaked

Watchmen Exclusive Pumped for the upcoming Watchmen flick that’s directed by Zack Snyder? You betcha. Despite the torrent of legal issues surrounding the film, FOX and Warner Bros., News Corp felt compelled to leak a behind-the-scenes video to MySpace the other day and the result is a video tour de force. Never before has a superhero/supervillian movie based on a ...

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Limited Edition: X-Files iPods Discover Earth

Looks like FOX has gone custom iPod crazy as of late. First, there was a custom Simpsons iPod offering from the company. Now, you can believe that Gillian Anderson’s breasts are real (and watch videos!) with this X-Files themed iPod. Created for ultra-fanboys like myself who worshiped both Mulder and Scully, these new designs are available courtesy of FOX. An ...

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