Lighten Your Wallet by Scanning Club Cards


Here’s an idea that seems so simple once someone has actually pulled it off. A lot of people have rewards cards or membership cards for various stores they shop at. Instead of carrying around a bulky amount of cards in your wallet, try scanning them and putting the image on your iPhone or comparable mobile device. You’ll save yourself time, space and a headache on your next trip to the store.


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  1. I can see that being accepted as valid by the cashier just about as readily as a plain paper photocopy of the same card…

    besides, in this part of the world at least, very very few are barcode-scan types – they’re almost all magnetic strip or chip’n’PIN smartcards. and as for saving time, i’ll race you to get my clubcard out of my wallet (rip, unfold, grip, pull) vs you finding the right photo of yours on the phone

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