myvu Personal Media Viewer for iPod: Cooler than Ray-Bans?

myvu personal media viewer

The iPod Video is only cool enough to last you until your eyes start straining from the small screen. But luckily for us we live in a time where innovation is the answer to our every woe and worry. The MicroOptical myvu Personal Media Viewer glasses is made for both Video and Photo iPod’s, and issues a binocular style LCD display of your screen, up close and personal, replicating a 27″ display.

Attached to the glasses are headphones with interchangeable rubber sleeves, so theres no need to worry about a cable splitter for two different cords. Its rechargeable battery gives 6 hours of playback and is charged through an AC adapter, good for those of you short on USB space.

For $300, it’s sure as hell not cheap, but seems like a good idea for those with sight impairments or just a total hate of minor stress headaches. — Andrew Dobrow

myvu Personal Media Viewer for iPod [Gizmos For Geeks]

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