Left 4 Dead Mod Replaces Zombies with Teletubbies

Some clever gamer modified the group zombie-slaying game Left 4 Dead so instead of only zombies, you’re also attacked by rabid Teletubbies. I’m pretty sure the Teletubbies are scarier than the damn zombies are. Turn the sound up. It’s worth it.

The menu has changed. No more tubby custard. Brains, brains and more brains. Time for tubby-bye-bye, bitch.


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  1. lol nice find 🙂

  2. That is simply horrifying.

  3. Jesus fucking christ wow sauce jesus beans…THIS IS THE k00l3st mod I’ve ever seen..let alone the Halo 1 soccer map xD, or the star wars one -.-…

    Props to the kid who pulled this off and for everyone enjoying taking out anger on childhood fears ^.^”

  4. Jesus is awesome so shut up!

  5. This… Is just pure win XD

  6. @vincenzo
    your use of numbers instead of letters makes you incredibly leet(1337)
    i bet you are an awesome hacker, and good in bed(not a virgin)

  7. Okay, I get the Teletubbies (very nice and freaky BTW) but what are those OTHER things? At first I thought they were just regular zombies, but look at those claws! What the hell happened there? And there are some gray-clad things too, when they go through the first window. What is all this randomness? Did they just make a BUNCH of weird mods?

  8. @megs

    hey megs you got some sand in your vagina
    want me to help take some of it out?

    in your vagina

  9. robozombdinosaur

    I’m waiting for someone to make a double ended dildo a melee weapon.
    Plz and thank you.

  10. @j

    The rest of the zombies were from the Half-Life series. Valve developed both HL and Left 4 Dead.

  11. This is fuckin awesome

  12. @jonnnie

    you just made my day. thank you for being awesome!

  13. omfg the end…where have the teletubbies gone? this is full of win, well played sir

  14. FUCKIN’ EPIC!!! this guy deserves a medal

  15. I had this mod, holy crap its twice as scary having these deranged guys running after you with the songs in the background

  16. Hilarious! I hated the Teletubbies when my kids were little and they still creep me out. LaLa, Po, and whatever the rest are named. Inferno for the Tubbies!

  17. omg so whenever they wanted tubbycustard they really wanted brains…

  18. Hilarious (and scary!) viewing!

  19. this is more terrifying than zombies!!

  20. OMG! ahaha, so awesome. I didn’t even know this was possible. I just got this game off PrizeRebel for free from surveys. I wonder if I could do this before my brothers play it since they have been dieing too! Ahahhaha, imagine the look on their face if they saw this when they played.

  21. I knew it….Tinki Winki is gay…..he loves “fresh meat” lol

  22. They should make justin bieber models

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