Ists OK Occifer, I Used My iBreath Too Drirve!

Occifer, Oficer. I’m surry about this misucnderstandingish thing.

Look, I’ll be honesth with you. Really, I want to. Really.

I was at’d thees party, right? Lotsta chicks. Everything goin’ well. I had, maybe, MAYBE, like six vodka tonics. I swear. OK, maybe seven but definly not moor than seven. UGH MY HEAD.

Look, Occifer. I got this iBreath thingie for my iFone. See, you just shlap it on there and blow in and ya getcher DUI breath thing readout I-forget-how-it-works-exactly. See? I blew a .24, which is a really high score, meaning I win! Right? Right?

Sir! Let go ofth me! I’m nort dorunk! I spent $80 on this fucking thing! CALL MY WIFE!!!

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  1. So this device doesn’t exactly display anything on the ipod. The only reason why it is connected to the ipod is to extract power and to transmit whatever you’re playing on an FM radio channel. What a load of caca.

    A breathlyzer and FM transmitter?

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