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Ists OK Occifer, I Used My iBreath Too Drirve!

Occifer, Oficer. I’m surry about this misucnderstandingish thing. Look, I’ll be honesth with you. Really, I want to. Really. I was at’d thees party, right? Lotsta chicks. Everything goin’ well. I had, maybe, MAYBE, like six vodka tonics. I swear. OK, maybe seven but definly not moor than seven. UGH MY HEAD. Look, Occifer. I got this iBreath thingie for ...

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Nissan’s New Bot Prevents Collisions

Thanks to Nissan’s Biomimetic Robot Car (BR23C), crash test dummies could find themselves out of a job. Having been compared to R2-D2 (but bearing no resemblance whatsoever), the BR23C will not maintain your car like a mechanic would, rather, it will play the part of backseat driver. The robot is the “poster-bot” for Nissan’s new crash prevention technology. Drawing upon ...

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