Is Steve Jobs Dead?

Today, Steve Jobs has passed away. At least, that’s what CBS news reported on their Twitter feed. However, the tweet was subsequently deleted. You can still see the original text, since so many people have retweeted it.

Here’s the original text of the CBS news tweet:

Reports say that Steve Jobs has passed away. Stay tuned for more updates.” — Tweet by CBS News account @WhatsTrending

Of course, the internet has exploded surrounding this rumor, even if the original tweet was deleted. Later, CBS said that the reports of the supposed death of Steve Jobs were “completely unconfirmed”, and apologized for the tweet.

Even after CBS apologized, the internet is still gossiping about this supposed screw-up. Could Steve Jobs really have died? How could CBS make that big of a mistake on its “What’s Trending” Twitter account?

Update — Executive producer Shira Lazar has also apologized:

On behalf of all of us at�@disruptgroup�we sincerely apologize for the inaccuracy that was tweeted earlier today.” —EP/ Host�@WhatsTrending


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  1. Jobs RIP 10 Sept 2011

    HE IS DEAD – its Apple doing its usual SLY $$$$ damage limitation since when do they ever miss a chance for for their INSATIABLE GREED to benefit above all else – they are just allowing time for family etc to sell all of his Apple/Disney stock before they become relatively WORTHLESS after the official announcement

  2. Is steve jobs dead? Yes he is just confirmed today he has died

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