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CONFIRMED — Steve Jobs Passes Away at 56

Apple confirmed that today, October 5th of 2011, Steve Jobs has passed away at the age of 56. Since Steve announced his retirement as Apple's CEO about two months ago, there has been widespread speculation about his failing health. Rest in peace, Steve. You definitely left the world better and more interesting than when you found it.

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The Internet Asks — Where is Steve Jobs?

The tech world exploded with rumors after former CBS news partner "What's Trending" mistakenly tweeted about Jobs' premature death. The tweet was deleted less than a minute after it had been posted, but the damage had already been done.

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Is Steve Jobs Dead?

Today, a tweet from the CBS News account "What's Trending" set off an internet panic -- they tweeted that Steve Jobs had passed away. Though the tweet was deleted from the account moments later, the internet is still in a panic. CBS has apologized, calling the news "completely unconfirmed".

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Steve Jobs Mobile Spied in Parking Lot of One Infinite Loop

Over are the days of Apple CEO Steve Jobs being assisted by mysterious men in black suits and the occasional helping hand from Jonathan Ive. El Jobso is now taking his own car to work, which leads me to believe that is recovery from liver transplant surgery is moving along just fine. At least now he has an excuse to ...

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