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Is Steve Jobs Dead?

Today, a tweet from the CBS News account "What's Trending" set off an internet panic -- they tweeted that Steve Jobs had passed away. Though the tweet was deleted from the account moments later, the internet is still in a panic. CBS has apologized, calling the news "completely unconfirmed".

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Last.fm Founders Leaving Company

Last.fm, one of the bestest music services to ever grace the Internet, is losing its three co-founders. Felix Miller, Richard Jones and Martin Stiksel are bowing out of the company and “handing over the reigns” to parent company CBS. CBS purchased Last.fm for $280 million in 2007, enabling the company to grow itself even further. I hope that this won’t ...

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DJ Spock Rocks The Enterprise

DJ Spock knows how to lay down the hot beats. As publicity stunt for the release of Star Trek Seasons 1, 2 & 3 on Amazon.com, CBS put this ad online that shows Spock, from Star Trek, hanging with Kirk on the Enterprise while mixing up some Vulcan rhythms that are so fly, your ears will turn pointy.� Bust out ...

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