Iomo Split Camera

Anyone with a Mac knows how much fun Photo Booth can be. Distort your face with your friend, get a good laugh and throw it up on Facebook. But what if you went on a vacation and wanted to bring the fun of Photo Booth with you without the need for a laptop?

Enter the Iomo Split Cam. This camera will let you block light from hitting the upper or lower portion of your photo. This means you can take a picture of your friend, block out their head and add in a statue’s head for good times. It’s a simple gimmick that will bring a lot of fun to your photos and for $20, you’d be insane to pass this camera up. Check out the Flickr gallery of Split Cam photos to get an idea of what this camera can do.

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  1. You can find these at Urban Outfitters, along with a bunch of other strange cameras.

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