Instagram Notes Number Trend

People are using the first letter of their crush’s name to create a note, and it turns into a fun game for friends  to solve like a hidden message. 


This secret code has been shared on TikTok with people revealing a full chart A-Z of all the letter-number meanings, while some have been revealing their crush/the person they’re dating initial, with a screenshot from their Instagram Notes.The image attached above helps users decode all the numbers.So if someone sees the code on instagram and can’t understand what it is,  they can refer to the above chart . If a user has a crush on someone whose name begins with the first letter in the alphabet, they would add the code ‘022’ as an instagram note, to their caption for profile making others furious. Gone are those days, when you wanted to pass a note to your crush and you are scared about that, Instagram’s new trend number notes will help you reach your crush cleverly.The new way of flirting through instagram’s number note. Old age romance in a new era. 

Understand the meaning of this:

  1. It is used to express emotions, feelings.
  2. It can be serve as an enjoyable and innovative engagement
  3. It can be a secret countdown for upcoming events.

Who can see?

People who follow each other can see the number notes. If you’re feeling naughty and flirty and you can’t tell that person directly, choose this new way to talk without telling. 

When did instagram start this?

There is no such launch date, but users began sharing code around April 2023.

Why did this go viral?

It helped GenZ express their feelings for a person. It is a kind of secret language to express emotions towards a special person. 

A simple chart that converts numbers to letters is the foundation of the Instagram Notes Number Trend. In this case, every number is given a particular letter; for example, “o” stands for the letter “A,” and the other numbers follow suit in order. For example, “o22” means “A,” which is a subliminal reference to a crush whose name starts with that letter. Similarly:

  • 0563 – Please don’t leave me
  • 5801 – I’m sorry for loving you
  • 4202 – Let’s end this
  • 1730 – You made another pain
  • 0931 – I’m losing my feelings
  • 9080 – I want you with me
  • 1543 – I still love you
  • 143 – I love you
  • 2201 – Stay happy love
  • 2789 – I’m tired of life
  • 6929 – Thank you, goodbye
  • 1087 – I miss the old us
  • 0473 – Hug me please
  • 5555 – I miss your voice, especially you
  • 1007 – Feel my love
  • 3639 – You changed
  • 4284 – Our story will never end, for now
  • 107 – Come back

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The Instagram number trend is a cool, secret way to show you like someone without saying their name. People are getting creative and adding it to their short videos (Reels) with fun music, and they ask viewers to like the video if their crush’s name starts with the secret letter. Exploring the instagram notes number trends , hidden messages behind the jumbled numbers. 


  1. Why are people putting numbers in instagram notes?
  •  If a user has a crush on someone whose name begins with the first letter in the alphabet, they would add the code ‘o22’ as an instagram note, to their captions, or profile making is suspicious for others.
  1. Can I limit who can see my notes?
  • Only your ‘ close friends’ list can see . 
  1. Why don’t I have the instagram notes?
  • Try updating your instagram app or check if you muted messages from the people you follow.
  1. Did Instagram get rid of notes?
  • No, instagram has not removed notes. You have a limited lifespan of 24 hours. 

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