Inside The Blackberry Storm

The team at PhoneWreck has gone and done something that no other Verizon Wireless subscriber dare not do: dissect the Blackberry Storm bit by bit. Head on over for the full review to find out what that crazy new “clickscreen” looks like under the hood. From what I can gather, it looks like the screen uses a single button to recognize typing movements. And take a look at that huge stepper motor for vibration functions; it’s huge! Anyone who likes getting inside popular electronics should most definitely view the Storm from the inside out.


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  1. hi, could you please go into more detail about the disassembly of the phone ? in particular, i am interested in knowing if the earpiece cover (blackberry-badged LED and earpiece plastic cover) can be removed ? can it be removed without disassembling the rest of the phone ?


  2. hi, the blackbery storm 9530 verizon unlocked, work with GSM sim card?

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