INFO Live Bracelet: A PC On Your Wrist


As far as entries to the Next-Gen PC Design competition go, the INFO Live is relatively simple and straight forward. The INFO Live Bracelet basically acts as a wearable smartphone, merging a mobile device and a PC into a fashion accessory.

Use the 55 x 20 x 180mm touch-controlled INFO Live device for Internet connectivity, data transferring to other wireless-enabled devices, storing tons of data, reading and receiving the latest news, e-mails, messages, sharing documents in real-time, watching videos, listening to some tunes and even writing new documents while mobile. The specifics are sort of hazy, but who cares about mechanics when it’s so damn pretty.




Andrew Dobrow

Link [via]


  1. where can i get one of this??

  2. This is amazing and I need it ..I love these types of Bracelets and I want to buy it ,so please tell me from where I can purchase this custom jewellery………………………………

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