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Solar-powered Nintendo DS Lite

Nintendo is full of Nazis. Did you know that? In fact, the ratio of Nazis to gaming developers at Nintendo is 47:1. That’s huge. It’s also why Nintendo doesn’t put out a solar-powered DS Lite. The console is popular; a smash hit if you will. Why not power it with rays from the sun? At least some dude who’s good ...

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Nintendo DS Lite-bot

The RoboDS is an open robot platform for the Nintendo DS. The robot is controlled via the DS’s WiFi connection using a web browser interface. The jobs that RoboDS can accomplish are endless. Find a wireless camera, and you can wirelessly keep a close watch on your home. To get the RoboDS working you’ll also need to get the DSerial2, ...

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Classy Nintendo DS Lite Metal Stickers

Normal stickers made for gaming handhelds are usually ridiculously cheesy or tacky or both. Korean camera peripheral company Gariz is gearing up its gaming department with this metal stickers which make the DS Lite look, in our eyes, better than when it’s plain. For $28.99, the Gariz metal sticker package includes a top cover sticker, two LCD borders, and d-pad ...

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Swarovski crystal Nintendo DS Lite covers

Remember when blinging out your cellphone with crystal art was all the rage? Now the same thing is being done for Nintendo DS Lites. The Nintendo World Store in NYC featured some of these Swarovski crystal DS Lites with crystal covers. If the appearance of your console is important to you, there’s nothing more fashionable right now then using Swarovski ...

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Solar Powered Nintendo DS Lite mod

From the same people who brought you the Solar Powered Wii kiosk, here is the Solar Powered Nintendo DS Lite. The crazy modders over at Tom’s Hardware managed to mod the Soldius 1 solar-powered cellphone charger to connect directly to the battery cable of the DS. Check out the site for a video documenting the process, which was considerably difficult ...

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DS Lite adapter recall by Nintendo, at least they aren’t blowing up

Recalls seem like they are turning into the cool thing for companies to do when they need an image improvement. While Nintendo doesn’t really need an image improvement like Sony does, they are now recalling 200,000 DS lite adapters. While there have been no incidents reported yet, Nintendo has said that there are problems with the power adapters overheating and ...

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Zombs Royale game

There’s an element of fun that comes from relentless bloodshed—when it’s in a video game, of course. And there’s an element of accomplishment that comes from seeing your username climb to the tip-top of a high score leadership board after you’ve slaughtered hundreds of unknown opponents in a 2D world of mayhem and massacres. That said, your first impression of ...

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Exciting Trends That Will Change The Future Of Gaming

Technology is evolving at a pace that few anticipated and the speed seems to just be getting higher as time passes. We had black and white games in 2D in 1972 and the very first 3D game in 1981. Then we had Wolfenstein 3D in 1992, the evolution of complex lifelike shooters in 2011 with Battlefield 3 and mobile based ...

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Lime Green Nintendo DS Kicks Off The Summer

Warm temperatures, cool drinks and plenty of beach babes. Doesn’t matter. You’ll be that guy stuck in the beachhouse too busy to go outside ’cause he just got the new lime green Nintendo DS bundle and plopped down money for Chinatown Wars. Lucky. Link

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