DS Lite adapter recall by Nintendo, at least they aren’t blowing up

nintendo ds lite charger

Recalls seem like they are turning into the cool thing for companies to do when they need an image improvement. While Nintendo doesn’t really need an image improvement like Sony does, they are now recalling 200,000 DS lite adapters. While there have been no incidents reported yet, Nintendo has said that there are problems with the power adapters overheating and causing burns, not that they are exploding. This report has come after the recall of 3.2 million Wii Remotes because of the weak wrist straps that have a tendency to snap and break TVs during Wii Tennis. It is nice to see companies recalling products instead of letting the devices fail because it would be cheaper to ignore the problem (ie. Ford Pinto) and letting accidents occur. Money-wise, this recall of adapters will cost Nintendo about $848,600-$1.7 million. Because the power adapters are not manufactured by Nintendo, it is expected that Nagano Japan Radio (the makers of the adapters) will split the cost with Nintendo. — Nik Gomez

Nintendo Recalling DS Lite Chargers in Japan [1UP]

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  1. My Nintendo DS adapter has just exploded contrary to the above statement. Its was the first use and was only on for 4 mins. It made a hell of a bang! I wonder if this is common?

  2. Mine (Netherlands) also exploded a view minutes ago…
    A loud bang, smoke and a broken fuse in my home.
    But nothing to find on the Internet. My version is not imported, i Buyed it at our local store. Nintendo DS Lite Silver edition 2 months old.

  3. My DS or its recharger never burned/exploded..
    And the Ford Pinto: pinto is a slang for penis in Brazil.. xDD. I laughed when I read it.

  4. Ford did recall the Pinto and told the owners to take it to any Ford garage and have the steel fuel transfer pipe exchanged for a rubber hose free of charge.
    And I bet the DS had an aftermarket adapter.

    Pinto is derived Spanish term “pinta” meaning painted women.

    I’ve only heard that someone died because he had his DS plugged into a socket in a European hotel, and when he unplugged it, he got zapped. That was not Nintendo’s fault, but user ignorance. The house fire was probably caused by faulty wiring in the walls. Nintendo is pretty careful about marketing its products. If there’s a problem or risk, they are quick to fix it.

  5. Last night my sons DSlite caught fire in the living room at 2am. It was not plugged in. BUt it is comletely charred. What do I Do? The table under had just started to catch fire when the smoke alarm went off.
    Anyone know the next step???

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