Swarovski crystal Nintendo DS Lite covers


Remember when blinging out your cellphone with crystal art was all the rage? Now the same thing is being done for Nintendo DS Lites. The Nintendo World Store in NYC featured some of these Swarovski crystal DS Lites with crystal covers. If the appearance of your console is important to you, there’s nothing more fashionable right now then using Swarovski crystal.

The Super Mario Bros. DS pictured above is not available for sale, but after the jump you can check out the handheld gaming you can sport if you have an extra $600 laying around.


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  1. I LOVE THIS THEY ARE SO COOL I WILL STEAL ONE! lmfao just kidding.

  2. @niccole THIEF! Get her!

  3. Why not bring some up on ebay you will get millions for them

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