Illuminated Rubik’s Cube changes pattern to music


These damn Rubik’s cubes might be damn near impossible if you’re not an obsessive kid with a super high memory, but some very cool products and projects get created through this 80’s puzzle wonder. This Illuminated Cube displays 27 different patterns of multicolored lights, which light up to the pattern of the music you are listening to, via internal speakers.

The cube measures in at 110 mm all around (it is a cube after all) and weighs 150g. The lights and speakers fun off of 3 AAA batteries, which come included in the set. While these aren’t typically “professional” gear, they could be a nice start for any budding DJ or light show specialist. Or really just a neat little desktop gadget.

Its internal speaker is a 125mW x 2 channel 3.5mm audio producer which can’t produce that strong of a sound, but the flashing lights make up for it. These cubes are not for audiophiles so do not be surprised if you are unsatisfied with the sound. But if you likey blinking lights (no, likey is not a typo. It’s our attempt at cuteness) then check it out, available now for $51.54. — Andrew Dobrow

Product Page [GeekStuff4U, via I4U News]

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