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iGTR, Therefore iPod

Forget about all of this Guitar Hero mess. What about a little fun for us real guitarists? iGTR from Wave connects your mp3 player to your guitar so you can jam out to your favorite tunes on your iPod (or a Zune, if you’re a dirty commie). iGTR also packs in 9 guitar effects, including wah, tremolo and phaser effects ...

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The sexiest mouse on Earth? A mouse that looks like a TVR Tuscan

The Tuscan Street Mouse is a realistic replica of the TVR Tuscan Sports Car, reduced to the size of a wireless mouse. And yes, it actually is a wireless mouse. The replica is so complete that at first glance you might totally confuse it with a simple model car. Complete with headlights, the RF wireless mouse is ergonomically designed and ...

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Illuminated Rubik’s Cube changes pattern to music

These damn Rubik’s cubes might be damn near impossible if you’re not an obsessive kid with a super high memory, but some very cool products and projects get created through this 80’s puzzle wonder. This Illuminated Cube displays 27 different patterns of multicolored lights, which light up to the pattern of the music you are listening to, via internal speakers. ...

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UV Disinfectant Wand for cleaning those invisible stains

Ever seen one of those shows on the Discovery channel when they go into hotels or other grungy places and put on a UV light to illuminate all of the bodily made spittle? Yeah, ew. The UV Disinfectant Wand projects intense UV rays that kill 99.9% of all germs in less then 10 seconds. Since this is radiation we’re talking ...

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SkyTRX Mini Tracker: How the high-tech ninja stalks his prey

The SkyTRX Mini Tracker is the solution for the high-tech stalker. A mountable, small, water-resistant, tracker that mounts using a magnet located on the device. Rather it be for tracking your girlfriends every step or following enemies for sinister purposes, the SkyTRX gets the job done in a discreet fashion. Powered by only two AAA batteries, the SkyTRX stores up ...

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