Pixel art made with Rubik Cubes: Geekiest art form ever?


After coming across this art project using Rubik Cubes to create pixel art, we are pretty positive he have found the geekiest art form of all time. The innovations and uses of this classic strategy game never ceases to amaze, and these pixel portraits are no exception.

The Space Invader artist is also known for their “urban invasion” of various pixel art throughout the world. Looks pretty snazzy to us. Now we’ll have to keep a look out for some of the art around the world. Someone has definitely been buying some Rubiks Cubes in bulk. — Andrew Dobrow

Rubikcubisme [Space Invaders]

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  1. that’s cool
    how do you get the picturesinto colour dots?
    pls i want to know

  2. Damn, they really knows how to control these little devilish machines 🙂

  3. So, I’m a pixel artist (i use an icon editor, call me traditional)… and I’m curious… do they replace the coloured panels, then use the classic Rubiks mechanism to configure roll each cube into place with the right configuration of colours? I’d like to see a time lapse video of them in action 😉

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