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Rubik’s Cube Mosaics – Hot

I’m crazy for mosaics. Who would’ve thought you could compound various unrelated colors together and display a picture of Spock. It’s mind boggling. Do you know what’s even more mind boggling? Mosaics made up of scrambled Rubik’s cubes. No new Rubik’s cubes here, this mosaic is made up completely of the classic Rubik’s cube you know and hate. It’s less ...

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Electronic Rubik’s Cube No One Will Buy

While digitizing a Rubik’s cube would offer little more than confusion and frustration, at least it’s a one-up from Hasbro’s Lights Out. However, it is not a one-up from the original design of the Rubik’s cube, which is a classic amongst puzzle games worldwide. Rubik’s cubes were always the cheap toy you could throw around when you couldn’t solve it, ...

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Rubik’s Cube For The Blind

And we thought Rubik’s Cube was impossible, even with visual aid. This cube puzzle is made for those without sight, instead relying on touch, rather than color orientation. Each side has a different pattern which you have to try and align with other same shaped patterns. Having the oppurtunity to say “I solved Rubik’s cube without looking at it once” ...

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Illuminated Rubik’s Cube changes pattern to music

These damn Rubik’s cubes might be damn near impossible if you’re not an obsessive kid with a super high memory, but some very cool products and projects get created through this 80’s puzzle wonder. This Illuminated Cube displays 27 different patterns of multicolored lights, which light up to the pattern of the music you are listening to, via internal speakers. ...

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