IE8 Demands More Memory Than WinXP

Here’s something out of left-field that I don’t think anyone except the geniuses at Microsoft expected. In recent tests, it’s been revealed that Internet Explorer 8 uses twice the memory of Firefox. As if that wasn’t enough to blow your mind, get this shit:

In a test involving IE8 Beta 2, IE7 and Firefox 3.0.1 10 rich media sites were opened in each on a machine running Vista with 2 GB RAM. In the end IE8 sucked up 380MB of memory, IE7 260MB and Firefox accounted for 159MB. You would be surprised to know that when Windows XP starts it takes 130 – 150MB, then start IE8 and suddenly you would be looking at a larger memory print than Windows XP

Yes. Microsoft has managed to make IE8 such a RAM hog, that it takes a significantly more amount of memory to start it than it does to start Windows XP. Is this the nail in the coffin for Internet Explorer? Surely Microsoft will force everyone to upgrade to IE8 and those with older computers will be caught in the dust. Think, Microsoft! Think!

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  1. the way this is written, it is quite clear that it is just fanboyism. i am not denying that it uses more RAM (although, i have yet to see an xp installation that efficient when using that much RAM), but it is written in such a way, that it is clear that the author is a firefox fanboy. i personally love IE8, and cant stand the amount of time that firefox takes to start up.

  2. sounds like they heard a critisism about the OS taking up more RAM than even a typical midrange program should need, and got the wrong end of the stick… instead of reducing the OS’s footprint…….

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