I Want Candy: PSP 3000 Gets Colored


Guess which country gets cool colors slapped on a PSP while America gets the shaft? If you guessed France, you’re close, but no frog legs for you. Japan will see the Sony PSP 3000 released in bright blue, red, yellow and green, ensuring that girls go ga-ga for it as if it were the latest fashion accessory.

The rainbow-hued consoles will go on sale in Japan on March 19th for �19,800 ($223). Also available will be a kit, featuring a 4GB MemoryStick, a “private porch” (pouch) and a handosutorappu, which we believe to be a hand strap. The kit will go for �24,800 ($279).

Ah, being lost in translation. Priceless. If you want a colorful PSP of your own, you’ll have to do a little importing my friend.

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