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Rock Band Unplugged Track Listing

PSP owners have been patient long enough! Finally, a Rock Band title is coming to the console in the form of Rock Band Unplugged. Were you hoping this would include exclusive MTV Unplugged versions of songs by your favorite 1990s bands? Hopefully not, ’cause that’s just not the case with Harmonix’s latest rocker game. But judging by the tracklist, not ...

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I Want Candy: PSP 3000 Gets Colored

Guess which country gets cool colors slapped on a PSP while America gets the shaft? If you guessed France, you’re close, but no frog legs for you. Japan will see the Sony PSP 3000 released in bright blue, red, yellow and green, ensuring that girls go ga-ga for it as if it were the latest fashion accessory. The rainbow-hued consoles ...

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Sony Sues Datel Over Hacker Battery

Back in November, we briefly discussed Datel’s Lite Blue Battery Tool, a battery you plugged into your PSP 3000 and used to run homebrew code. All was going well for Datel, until Sony decided it’d rather sell UMDs then have consumers pirate every PSP title. Now the Japanese megacorp is suing Datel and sales are now suspended until the lawsuit ...

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