I See No Reason To Move: USB Microwave

As a professional blogger, I have about as much physical activity as your vacuum cleaner (not very much). I get to lounge around in my pajamas all day and read cool shit on the internet. Basically I’m everything you wish you could be. Sorry, it had to be said. Now BOW to me!

But blogging doesn’t come without its hazards. For instance, do you know how many potential places I could seriously stub my toes on my way from my chair to the kitchen? I mean, there’s at least four or five solid obstacles in need of maneuvering. It’s a scary, scary world out there. Luckily, this USB Microwave saves me the effort of sliding into my slippers by bringing the cooking power right to me. The BrainWave concept would ship with custom meals made specifically for the microwave. An RFID-tagged plastic spoon comes with each meal. Scanning the spoon tells the microwave which meal is in need of heating. I’m just a little concerned that these microwaves might be a little too close to my testicles.


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