Multimedia Microwave Displays YouTube Videos As You Wait


Most of the activity in my kitchen eventually leads to the microwave. I use my oven almost solely for making grilled cheese sandwiches. All the other hot prepared food gets a first-glass ticket for the center of my microwave’s revolving plate.

I’m always sort of torn on what to do as I wait for my food to be done though. I mean, it’s not like two minutes is enough time to go catch a flick or even read a chapter of a book, but think about it. What piece of media almost exclusively fits into that two to three minute time span. BOOYAH! The Castoven Microwave displays YouTube videos as you wait for your Hungry Man (or Lean Cuisine if your a fatty trying to lose a few pounds like me) to be cooked.

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  1. Is it April Fool’s Day already?

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