I Have Found Gamer Heaven and it is Located in Osaka

Comb through the streets of Denden town, located in the Nipponbashi district of Osaka, Japan and you might come across something that makes your heart-writhe and your head sing. Super Potato is a gaming and game collectible superstore located in the shopping district of Osaka, and the images I’ve posted speak for themselves.

While it’s square-footage is meager, the contents overflow from the storefront and the treasures inside are among the things you might only get to see once in a lifetime. There are games in this store which sell for around $3000. That’s the rarity we’re talking about with some of these items. So as long as you can keep your wallet on lockdown, you’ll be relatively safe. Hit the jump for more amazing photos.


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  1. Oh hey, I was there in March! My husband loved it. I, alas, was suffering from food poisoning from a tainted bento box, so I just sat in the upstairs room and stared at the posters. More photos here (though you have to scroll down a bit to get to the Osaka pictures because we were there the last few days of our trip): http://picasaweb.google.com/wchrapcynski/JapanTrip#

    I’m surprised there aren’t any photos of the Mario out front or the stairs carpeted with Yu-Gi-Oh cards.

  2. Awesome pics, melydia. This place is even more awesome than I imagined.

  3. Well I’ll be…
    There’s also a Super Potato in the Akihabara district of Tokyo.

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