I Bet O.J. Wishes He Had This Knife

Know what sucks? Getting stung by a wasp. Know what really sucks? Someone stabbing you with the WASP Knife. Sure, getting a blade to the gut can be painful, but with the WASP, you’re also getting a crushing 800 PSI blow to your body. Whether you’re fighting dirty terrorists on dry land or stabbing sharks in the high seas, this knife is going to make sure your target is inflicted with massive damage. And while you can’t make a lamp out of it, it’s still one impressive knife.

Using disposable cartridges of compressed gas, the additional force caused by the WASP will probably rupture internal organs and fracture bone. Supposedly, the knife is for non-civillian use but some scammy website has it on sale for $380. If you’re one ruthless sonofabitch, might as well slap down the Benjamins for some cutthroat action.

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  1. Seems like more of a liability than anything else.

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