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I Bet O.J. Wishes He Had This Knife

Know what sucks? Getting stung by a wasp. Know what really sucks? Someone stabbing you with the WASP Knife. Sure, getting a blade to the gut can be painful, but with the WASP, you’re also getting a crushing 800 PSI blow to your body. Whether you’re fighting dirty terrorists on dry land or stabbing sharks in the high seas, this ...

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Nantucket Rope Bracelet Unleashes Your Inner Sailor

Don’t get me wrong. This is stretching the bounds of what’s tech-related, just like your face. But after eyeing this Nantucket Rope Bracelet from J. Crew, which costs a mere $10, I haven’t been the same. I’ve had dreams of nautical voyages across dangerous seas, yacht ricottas and even docks. I imagine a bunch of us there, with a cooler ...

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