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Danger! Danger! High Voltage!

I can’t think of a better way to rid yourself of a rodent problem than the Victor Multi-Kill mouse trap. This thing will zap the life out of a mouse with a high-voltage electric shock and guarantees the little bugger will be standing in front of the pearly gates of Miceopolis in less than five seconds. The creators claim it ...

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Pacemaker Prevention

Remember that fishy business about the potential for hackers to prematurely shut off a pacemaker via a wireless communicator? Since many people use pacemakers to keep their heart beating, scientists are taking this loophole extremely seriously and have raised a solution to the issue. Proposed is a cloaking device, an external attachment that the pacemaker owner would wear, resembling a ...

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I Bet O.J. Wishes He Had This Knife

Know what sucks? Getting stung by a wasp. Know what really sucks? Someone stabbing you with the WASP Knife. Sure, getting a blade to the gut can be painful, but with the WASP, you’re also getting a crushing 800 PSI blow to your body. Whether you’re fighting dirty terrorists on dry land or stabbing sharks in the high seas, this ...

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