Hydrodome BOB: The Underwater Scooter

Forget scuba diving. Too much work, not enough freedom. Underwater exploration just got a hell of a lot more entertaining thanks to Hydrodome’s BOB, or Breathing Observation Bubble. HydroBOB is best described as an aquatic scooter with a helmet. It lets you scoot around the sea without having to worry about resurfacing to take a breath.

For about $25 per hour at Ft. Lauderdale’s Hydrodome, including an introductory briefing, you’ll be strapped into HydroBOB (that does sound a bit dirty) and be provided with a gorgeous 180 degree view of your aquatic surroundings and exotic wildlife. Other locations for riding a BOB are located throughout the world.

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  1. I want one. End of story. That is so COOL! I just started my dive training and I am already obsessed with being under water. But now I can ride a scooter while under? What a crazy concept. Of course, I want to use this in the ocean, not in the pool! I can’t wait to dive in the open waters of the great blue sea!

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