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Cooler Scooters: A Cool Way to Get Around

The 300 watt Cooler Scooter is a great way of carrying your stuff along with you and keeping it cool. You can drive through the sandy beaches or take rounds on rough terrains; this ‘cooler beast’ will be your best companion everywhere.

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Hydrodome BOB: The Underwater Scooter

Forget scuba diving. Too much work, not enough freedom. Underwater exploration just got a hell of a lot more entertaining thanks to Hydrodome’s BOB, or Breathing Observation Bubble. HydroBOB is best described as an aquatic scooter with a helmet. It lets you scoot around the sea without having to worry about resurfacing to take a breath. For about $25 per ...

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One Minus The Peugeot Plus

We enjoy the idea of concept cars. Whether they be gas-guzzling, budget crippling powerhouses or eco-friendly, self sufficient carts, we support car design ingenuity. However, the Peugeot+ is a design as goofy as its name. There is nothing “plus” about a car missing one wheel. This cicada-esque design is said to be a combination between scooter and car. So, why ...

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Fifteen Sidecars You Probably Haven’t Seen

Found on my pal Nick’s Tumblr, these sidecars from the past 50+ years are both unique and classic. What better way to add additional storage/passenger capacity to a scooter or motorcycle than a sidecar? From the gorgeous 1954 Steib sidecar above to the disgusting Volante sidecar of the 1930s, these are some metal caskets you can’t miss. Hit the jump ...

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Pick up chicks with the Piaggio Gilera GP 800

The war for the fastest scooter has been raging since the early 70�s, but Piaggio triumphed with the Gilera GP800, which is deemed as �the world�s fastest scooter.� This beast is powered by a twin cylinder 850 cc engine producing 75 ponies and 76 Nm of torque. The Piaggio Gilera GP 800 is an automatic transmission powered up with a ...

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