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Cooler Scooters: A Cool Way to Get Around

The 300 watt Cooler Scooter is a great way of carrying your stuff along with you and keeping it cool. You can drive through the sandy beaches or take rounds on rough terrains; this ‘cooler beast’ will be your best companion everywhere.

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Hydrodome BOB: The Underwater Scooter

Forget scuba diving. Too much work, not enough freedom. Underwater exploration just got a hell of a lot more entertaining thanks to Hydrodome’s BOB, or Breathing Observation Bubble. HydroBOB is best described as an aquatic scooter with a helmet. It lets you scoot around the sea without having to worry about resurfacing to take a breath. For about $25 per ...

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One Minus The Peugeot Plus

We enjoy the idea of concept cars. Whether they be gas-guzzling, budget crippling powerhouses or eco-friendly, self sufficient carts, we support car design ingenuity. However, the Peugeot+ is a design as goofy as its name. There is nothing “plus” about a car missing one wheel. This cicada-esque design is said to be a combination between scooter and car. So, why ...

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Fifteen Sidecars You Probably Haven’t Seen

Found on my pal Nick’s Tumblr, these sidecars from the past 50+ years are both unique and classic. What better way to add additional storage/passenger capacity to a scooter or motorcycle than a sidecar? From the gorgeous 1954 Steib sidecar above to the disgusting Volante sidecar of the 1930s, these are some metal caskets you can’t miss. Hit the jump ...

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Pick up chicks with the Piaggio Gilera GP 800

The war for the fastest scooter has been raging since the early 70s, but Piaggio triumphed with the Gilera GP800, which is deemed as the worlds fastest scooter. This beast is powered by a twin cylinder 850 cc engine producing 75 ponies and 76 Nm of torque. The Piaggio Gilera GP 800 is an automatic transmission powered up with a ...

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