Cooler Scooters: A Cool Way to Get Around

Something that keeps all your stuff cool, gives you a place to sit and takes you around? Is this ‘something’ really available?

Yes it is.

The 300 watt Cooler Scooter is a great way of carrying your stuff along with you and keeping it cool. You can drive through the sandy beaches or take rounds on rough terrains; this ‘cooler beast’ will be your best companion everywhere. With variable speed throttle and a smooth hand brake this scooter can safely be driven on busy roads as well. Though it is powered with 300 watt units, its speed almost reaches the speed of 500 watt units. And depending on the load and terrain, this scooter can run up to two hours continuously.

cooler scooter

Cooler scooters are the perfect companion to beach parties, backyard BBQ’s, football games, camping and even short road trips. These scooters are a cool way to replace your oversized coolers that you find difficult to drag along. You can take them to markets and long trips and use these to keep your food and drink cool. These can hold up to 50 quarts of ice, and at least 20-24 cans of your favorite beverage. And you know what’s cooler? These have quick access doors which also function as drink holders. So you can still use both your hands to drive, without worrying about holding your drink. But it’s better if you don’t drink and drive!

The oversized seats offer comfortable sitting to all, irrespective of their size. Moreover these come with comfortable backrests that allow you to enjoy a comfortable ride. As these are easy to ride and maneuverable you can take them wherever you want. These can be quickly folded and tucked into the backseats of your car.

An amazing feature of these scooters is they will give you an uninterrupted ride for 2 hours when fully charged. And if the batteries are completely drained they will take 4-6 hours to recharge. There are only two batteries in the 300 watt units, but these are much lighter in weight compared to the 500 watt unit batteries. So they don’t add much weight to the scooter. But, don’t forget to carry spare batteries for enjoying a nonstop ride!

Well another quality of this scooter, is that you can add more coolers to the back and take your kids along. This will give them a nice fun ride around the amusement parks, zoos and even malls without worrying about their food and drink requirements. Though it’s a fun ride and helps you keep your food and drinks cool, it can also be of great help to store medication and ice bags for first aid purposes.

All said and done it is surely a cool way to show up at a friend’s party or drive to beach parties!

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