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Cooler Scooters: A Cool Way to Get Around

The 300 watt Cooler Scooter is a great way of carrying your stuff along with you and keeping it cool. You can drive through the sandy beaches or take rounds on rough terrains; this ‘cooler beast’ will be your best companion everywhere.

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Workout Equipment With A Not-so Average Cup Holder

Forget going to the gym to save the environment. If you’ve got the equipment, why not put it to good use by modding an exercise bike to chill and heat stuff simultaneously for your own benefit? This guy did it and now look at him, he’s shredding pounds and chilling beers. That’s right, the integrated pair of copper wires that ...

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This Cooler Has A Better Stereo System Than My Car

When I’m headed to the beach, I’m usually carrying a heavy ass cooler full of beer. The problem is, I’m always going alone, all by myself. At first, it might not seem like that big of deal, but then it strikes me: who can I find to carry my stereo? A question that haunts me no more, thanks to Boomcooler. ...

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Physics-Powered Jet Engine Beer Cooler

When the volume of a gas decreases at a maintained pressure, the temperature of the remaining gas falls. Such is the law the defines the concept behind the Jet Engine-powered Beer Cooler. Using a LPG cylinder and a jet engine to cool his favorite brew, the designer of the beer cooler is never without an icy cold one. If you ...

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Thanko Face Cooler Mask Also Saves You From SARS

The SARS panic might be years behind us, at least as far as pandemics go, but face masks are making a come back. I’m telling you. Don’t believe me? Check out this Cooling Face Mask from Thanko. Powered right from your USB port, the mask gives you 51-inches of breathing room. Go any further and you’ll be dragging your computer ...

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