Hub, The All-In-One Calendar And To-Do App

There are plenty of calendar and to-do apps floating around but Hub has come forward as the all in one family based calendar and to-do app.


The Hub calendar and to-do app is designed to allow individuals to collaborate by creating and sharing calendars and lists with each other.  The Hub app was designed by the same people who brought you the SimplyUs app but Hub brings much more to the table in terms of allowing multiple parties to collaborate.

The purpose behind allowing multiple parties to share the same schedules and lists is to allow extended members of the family or of a team group to access pertinent information such as pick up schedules and appointment calendars. Additionally, the app allows for other parties to be added in to schedules which enables schedules and contact information to be shared with babysitters etc.

Unlike many other scheduling apps, Hub is designed to make sharing information much easier not only when it comes to sharing information but also when it comes to synchronizing information from multiple platforms. The Hub app supports Outlook, Yahoo, Exchange, Google Calendar and iCloud.

A single user has the ability to set up multiple hubs under their account to allow for different groups of participants to access various sets of information. With the Hub system each users is given five event shares and ten task shares per month under each free hub. In order to upgrade to a premium account, users are required to pay a $35.99 annual fee or a $4.99 monthly fee for unlimited access. As an additional bonus once a hub member upgrades to a premium account individuals within that hub will also get unlimited shares within that hub.

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