Hide a bluetooth handset in your phone


Bluetooth handsets are getting smaller and smaller nowadays. So small that they are easy to drop, easy to forget. Chinese company Naxing came out with an idea of having a bluetooth handset hidden in your phone. Jump to find out more.


The NX788 is a GSM dualband phone with a standalone bluetooth handset hidden in the back. The headset can be unlatched when needed, then put back in for charging. On top of that, the phone also supports A2DP and the dual SIM card function.


You can take pictures with the 1.3MP CMOS camera, save them to the MicroSD, play MP3/MP4, and have your handwriting recognized on the QVGA touchscreen.


The NX788 is being sold in Hong Kong for $190.


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  1. new information

  2. thats amazing, and i wonder why known brands don’t do such things, or is it just another marketing scheme…
    anyhow, i just wish if they add some quality when producing those phones, unavailable warranties make you think twice …
    thnx for the post btw ..

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