Halloween LEGO Minifigs

I don’t know a ton of information about this set of LEGO figures I found on Brickshelf. Use Morgan19 seems to have created a whole set of Halloween-themed minifigs that really go to the next level. I’m partial to the chainsaw-wielding LEGO dude below but don’t miss some other good ones like Icebreaker, The Ghoul Groom and Zombie Rifleman. I’m guessing these were all modified and painted by Morgan19, ’cause last time I checked, they don’t make Zombie Nazi LEGOs with swastikas on their belts.

Hit the jump to check out a few other cool minifigs and view the set.


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  1. Thanks for the post! You are correct; several of these figs have been customized to get a specific effect or part in a color that doesn’t exist officially. I’m continuing to work on more of these Halloween-themed figs throughout the month and am updating my Flickr stream as each batch is done.


  2. Love ’em! Keep up the good work!

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