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LEGO Minifig Wants To Take A Chomp Out Of Your Apple MacBook

I sort of feel bad. The LEGO minifig trying to eat my MacBook is clearly starving. Why else would you attempt to eat a perfectly good electronic? On the other hand, I’d much prefer my MacBook not have any further bite marks, barring the original bite mark of the Apple logo. But no, I’ve had enough of this. My MacBook ...

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Make Your Minifig Masterpiece with LEGO Stop Animation Camera

You can really get anything made with a LEGO brick pattern, can’t you? Even something as moderately obscure as a stop animation camera. If your into claymation or minifig-cinema, the stop-motion feature is perfect for creating your own shorts (or pants). This camera retails for around $80. Not too shabby for such an abundant amount of geekery. [via]

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Custom Star Wars LEGO Minifigs

I’m not a complete nerd like Ryan is but I do enjoy LEGOs and can watch Star Wars casually. I don’t know much about The Clone Wars and how it relates to the Star Wars series but I’ll tell you this much: these LEGO minifigs are incredibly awesome. Look at the detail on these bad boys. Completely designed and imagined ...

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Halloween LEGO Minifigs

I don’t know a ton of information about this set of LEGO figures I found on Brickshelf. Use Morgan19 seems to have created a whole set of Halloween-themed minifigs that really go to the next level. I’m partial to the chainsaw-wielding LEGO dude below but don’t miss some other good ones like Icebreaker, The Ghoul Groom and Zombie Rifleman. I’m ...

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How Magic Is Made: Inside The LEGO Minifig Process

LEGOs are a fascinating toy that have been around for over 30 years. Rarely are we not impressed by some of the creations people make with them. Have you ever wondered where all the magic starts? Gizmodo goes inside LEGO to find out what makes the minifig the most expensive part of any LEGO set. What they find is horrifying. ...

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