How Magic Is Made: Inside The LEGO Minifig Process

LEGOs are a fascinating toy that have been around for over 30 years. Rarely are we not impressed by some of the creations people make with them. Have you ever wondered where all the magic starts? Gizmodo goes inside LEGO to find out what makes the minifig the most expensive part of any LEGO set. What they find is horrifying.

Hundreds and thousands of parts and pieces making up the body of the minifig are scattered throughout the assembly line. You have never seen more body pieces in one bin. Really, I don’t care if your Charles Manson, you’ve never seen this. But perhaps the most complicated process during the construction of LEGO minifigs is the level of detail in the face and torso. The classic LEGO face was two dots and a curved line. Nowadays, we’ve got LEGOs that look like Stephen Hawking or Genghis Kahn. This means an increasing level of attention-to-detail is needed in order to layer the face and torsos appropriately. This is done by running them through the stamping process several times, producing multiple layers of color that eventually lead to the bricks taking their true form. Hit the link for the video in all its glory.


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