Google Goes Back To The Future…Again With April Fool’s Prank


Google never ceases to amaze with their annual April Fool’s antics, and this year, the search giant brings the joke right to their main search page on their Australian domain. Launching a new “service” called gDay, which shows you tommorows search results, before they happen.

We’re sure this will come in handy for those who play the lottery or gamble their savings away at the tracks. It’ll also be fun to use as a spoiler the evening before election day. — Andrew Dobrow

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  1. That’s not the Google April Fools Day prank. It’s the one for Google Australia ( Remember, it’s already April 1st in Australia. It’s not April 1st in California for almost 5 hours. Wait for it…

  2. @The Coolest Gifts: Hey. I’m having trouble finding the problem with the article. It has already said that the prank was on the Australian domain. :-p

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