God Hates Us: AAAA Batteries Intro’d

You know what? Fuck Energizer and fuck that stupid pink bunny who keeps going and going. Batteries suck. I hate paying $4 for a 9V battery as much as you do. In fact, it’s absolute bullshit. So as a bullshit company, it makes perfect sense for Energizer to introduce yet another battery format to the market. This time around, it’s AAAA batteries, which no devices use.

This ultra-small battery is supposedly designed for small electronics use. DAPs, Bluetooth headsets, wireless headphones and a bunch of other shit that can be avoided. I mean, what digital audio player doesn’t come with a rechargeable battery? Even the Zune has one.

I’d recommend avoiding AAAA electronics like the plague. Your dick might fall off.


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  1. My dick already fell off, you insensitive clod.

  2. An electronics engineer once told me that AAA batteries have one sixth the charge of a AA battery. So you need six times more of the more expensive AAAs to equal the AA. I can’t imagine what the power ratio of the AAAAs would be. Probably something like 24 to 1. Pay more and get 24 times less! Sounds like good business for Energizer and the retards that support them.

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