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God Hates Us: AAAA Batteries Intro’d

You know what? Fuck Energizer and fuck that stupid pink bunny who keeps going and going. Batteries suck. I hate paying $4 for a 9V battery as much as you do. In fact, it’s absolute bullshit. So as a bullshit company, it makes perfect sense for Energizer to introduce yet another battery format to the market. This time around, it’s ...

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Energizer Energi To Go saves the day for travellers

Now here is a very usefull product from Energizer that nearly every traveller can use. The Energizer Energi To Go allows anyone to take two AA batteries, place then in the Energi To Go, and charge their cellphones or other devices with those AAs. With the problems that are to be had with cellphone batteries dying at unexpected times or ...

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