Energizer Energi To Go saves the day for travellers

energizer energi to go

Now here is a very usefull product from Energizer that nearly every traveller can use. The Energizer Energi To Go allows anyone to take two AA batteries, place then in the Energi To Go, and charge their cellphones or other devices with those AAs. With the problems that are to be had with cellphone batteries dying at unexpected times or not having a spare on you at all times, the Energi To Go gives you as much time as you need, granted you have access to two AAs. Of course, each type of phone needs an adapter (ie. Motorola=Mini USB), and luckly Energizer has made the Energi To Go able to switch out adapters very quickly. Maybe you have two small mobile devices that don’t have the battery life, don’t worry your multi-million business call that popped up at the last minute won’t be cut short by dead batteries. The Energi To Go only takes about 30 seconds before your dead device will be ready for opperation again. With a price of $20, the Energi To Go is the perfect add-on to any traveller or avid gadget user. — Nik Gomez

Energizer Energi To Go Instant Cell Phone Charger [via SlashGear]

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