Go Go Gadget Copter Laser Beam!

dueling space marines

I had the pleasure of getting a hold of a set of these sweet new RC copter-borne marines thanks to a friend of mine. I was skeptical at first glance, as they seemed like any other RC copter I’ve used. Then I actually played with it. It puts other remote-controlled toys to shame. It takes some getting used to, especially aiming the rifle at your friend who sucks just as much as you do at controlling it. The coolest feature is definitely the combat mechanics:

Each shot causes the gun of your space marine to flash with simulated gunfire. The first hit causes your enemy to spin. The second makes the enemy copter lose power… the third cuts rotor power completely as your opponent plummets to the ground and you gloat in victory.

Of course, it’ll take some practice before you become as maverick as I am with these things. I am currently accepting all challenges.


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