Giant Airmagination Inflatable R/C Robot Rules All

Airmagination Robot

The Airmagination Inflatable R/C Robot stands at a whopping 48″ tall – which would undoubtedly scare the hell out of pets, young children, and vertically challenged celebrities (Tom Cruise would piss his pants.) It can also be remotely controlled to move in all directions and speak a variety of prerecorded phrases in a robotic tone. Unless you have a pin handy, this thing is virtually unstoppable. Available for $39.97. � Sean Fallon

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  1. We purchased and assempled the mega mech airmagination robot. Valves were faulty and did not let air in. We repaired. After assembly thre robot moves and talks much to the delight of it new little owner. But it does not move forward. It moves back and turn right and left. The wheels move both forward and reverse during the turning operation. But it acts as if there is no forward signal coming from the romote transmitter.
    The instructions and packaging give no clue as to who we should contact. Quest Toys is printed on the remote. My search in the internet yielded that Manlly Toys must be the manufacturer of the toy. But all I can find is retailers. I cannot locate Manley toys to procure help. A product number so small as it is dificult to read is printed on the assembly instructions. #36691 Mega Mech 1.1 (05-07)

    Can you help me/

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