Maverick Solo Jet, Fly Higher Than Rick James

maverick solo jet

Have you ever had the impulse to travel at speed’s upwards of Mach .82? If your answer is yes and you have an extra 1.25 million dollars to shell out, consider yourself a modern day Lindberg. The Maverick solo jet is man’s answer to the question “Why can’t human’s fly?”. For a cool lump of change, mankind is now able to own a personal jet capable of climbing at speeds of 8000 ft/min, or roughly 600+ miles per hour. Which pretty much assures that little Timmy will make it on time to soccer practice.

The single engined Maverick Solo Jet is touted as “truly the 2nd generation of personal jets”. Excuse me for being ignorant, but I wasn’t aware there was a “1st” generation of personal jets. The plane it’s self looks like it would be a pretty snug journey, but Maverick’s website assures us that 5 adults can fit in comfortably. Note: Some peoples idea of “comfort” are sure to disappoint. 9 feet of cabin sure seems like a limited amount of room to fit 5 adults. Especially with the mass of adults rapidly increasing. Damn McDonald’s. Jump for more pics.

maverick solo jet

maverick solo jet

Andrew Dobrow

The SoloJet [via Gizmodo]

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