Get that right, PS3 is made in Koera, not Korea nor Japan!


This is no April’s fool joke, but the above picture shows a real product label of a device named PS3 that is made in the mysterious country of Koera. Strangely enough there is also an IMEI code. Jump to find out more.

As you would have guessed from the IMEI code, this product label comes from yet another Chinese phone that seems to infringe all the big labels on earth. It’s an Amycoll PS3 phone with a Window label.


However putting all that aside, this phone actually does come with a lot of features you have never heard of before. First off there’s this voice mixing technology that can create background noise to your call, making the other party think that you’re singing Karaoke, on the train or at a busy restaurant. Secondly you can predict where the incoming number was registered at simply from its code, of course that would only work in mainland China.

This phone is being sold all over the greater China region as we are speaking, price is about $300. Go pick up your copy before the big boys start suing.–Sam Chan


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